Saying YES: When Love and Life Collide. A Bible Study of the Gospels and the Women Jesus Changed

All great adventures begin with a simple three-letter word: Yes. Whether a casual nod to a coffee date with a new friend, a sober agreement to a job transfer or an emotion-packed acceptance to a marriage proposal, saying “yes” has largely determined where we find ourselves today. However, before we can say “yes,” a question or opportunity must first be offered to us. As we study the Gospels together, we will see Jesus offering women the opportunity to experience His LOVE that collides with everyday life. We will see how their “yes” to Him changed their lives forever. As we  come together around His Word, we will see that God is   taking the initiative with us also: to enter into our everyday lives and invite us to experience the life and love  for which we have been created. Won’t you say “yes” to this adventure? (10 week study)

Studies available for purchase  ($13.99 per study). Printed in paperback workbook, black and white with color cover.

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