Rerouting: Finding and Following the Soul’s GPS

As children, whether we are choosing Popsicle flavors or “best friends,” there is little concern about where our decisions might lead. But then, as we journey through childhood and adolescence, something changes. We begin to understand that our decisions can take us down unfriendly and dangerous paths that often end in destruction and sorrow. As we move into adulthood, with a destination of safety and joy in mind, it is likely we finally find ourselves in need of good directions.  If you are here, knowing you need to ask for directions to navigate this life, then you are ready to open the book of Proverbs. In this book you will find clear and often concise counsel, addressing every conceivable area of life.  Most importantly, you will find the Living God, the One who created you and purposefully placed you in the life you now live—with all its beauty and challenges. (11 week study)

Studies available for purchase  ($13.99 per study). Printed in paperback workbook, black and white with color cover.

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